A Bachelor Recap (From A Guy) – Episode 6

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Look, I know this one is coming late. But I was out of town, ok?! Thus why I had to film the video from a hotel room. But I also figured that vibe fits in with not only this season, but this episode, since – like me – Heather basically spent the entire episode cooped up in a hotel room.

And speaking of Heather, this week we get into her arrival to the show. I guess you can kinda just show up if you want and you’ll be let on – even if we’re already over halfway through. Plus, did Katie wear an excess amount of blush or was it just me? It was like WOW! Easy with the blush, Katie. Save some for the rest of the planet.

And of course ABC had to wheel out Tyler Cameron back onto the show, which doesn’t help my self-esteem for my quarantine-riddled body. I don’t think my wife has looked me in the eyes since this episode aired. Thanks, ABC!

Also, before you say anything… yes, I know I kept randomly calling Heather “Hannah.” Why? I don’t know. But I’ll definitely address it next week.

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