Neither Hyundai nor Kia reached agreement to make Apple electric car

After the “uproar” that brought the subject of an alliance between Kia and Apple for the construction of its first electric car, the whole thing would be canceled. The Korean brand itself, through its parent Hyundai, denied the project.

One of the most talked about news that began this 2021, referred to the advances of the first car of the electronics company Apple . It seems that the alliance that sounded like Hyundai or Kia will have no future, and the project thinking between this coalition will not finally develop. 

If the reports known in January about the Apple Car  project affirmed loudly that the American company would team up with one of the Korean conglomerate, the latest news destroyed all hope placed on it, and the alleged negotiations would have been recently canceled. 

The same brands, Hyundai and Kia, affirmed in a recent report delivered to their investors that they are not holding talks with Apple. And in this way making it clear that future alliances are not contemplated with the signature ‘of the apple’. 

Although the Apple Car project , a 100% electric vehicle, has been known and has been mentioned for some time, the news broke when at the beginning of this year it was reported at first that Hyundai would be a collaborator , then everything went on to point out that development would be in the hands of Kia

This turned out to be a boost for the Korean duo, for whom the release of this news served to skyrocket Kia shares by 60% . However, once it was known that they were withdrawing from the alliance, the shares fell by 6% for Hyundai and 15% for Kia. 

Although the official causes are completely unknown, some experts raise a couple of theories , which for them did not lead to a happy ending of the Apple-Hyundai or Kia union. First, manufacturers of Asian origin are characterized by their independence and interest in manufacturing their own components. 

The second hypothesis suggests that Apple would only be looking for the Koreans to be suppliers , but not those in charge of assembling the future Apple Car , which would not be striking neither for Hyundai nor for Kia. But the speculations do not end there, and there are still others more daring. 

Given the reputation that the US company has for keeping its projects completely secretive, this statement would point to being a ‘move’, or a condition for Hyundai to keep development on its feet, but in secret . We will see what the Apple Car will hold , and what a surprise we will take about it.

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