Funniest Reactions To Twitter Banning Trump

As a reaction to Capitol riot, Donald Trump was permanently banned from his favorite social media platform, and the reaction has been a mixture of relief, anger, and humor. Scroll down to see the funniest reactions to this historic event!

Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to

Congrats to Trump on his first ever consequenceThink of Twitter as a Christian bakery and Trump as a gay wedding cake.they banned me. nobody’s ever banned me before but you know what. you know what they said. it was amazing they said, “mr trump, we’re sorry we’re banning you! but you’re the biggest ban we’ve ever banned in the history of banning.” isn’t that somethinGODDAMIT Trump just added me on Friendster.Can I have your twitter login?Just think: you ALL now have more Twitter followers than Donald Trump.This is the first time a sitting president has been banned from Twitter going back to 1812Hey Trump I hope you spend the rest of your life in prison OH I FORGOT, YOU CANT HEAR ME!Going to the bathroom will never be the same again.Did you see what @realDonaldTrump just Tweeted???somehow, not knowing what Trump is up to is more unsettling than knowingGreat news. Twitter just banned your husband. Your anti cyber bullying campaign is working.We are officially terminating Donald J. Trump's Blockbuster account and will seek litigation to collect his $35,670.42 in late fees.Digitally remove him from Home Alone 2 nextThe final Horcrux has been destroyed.LOLPlease remain on hold. Thank you for contacting MySpace customer service.OMG, Trump’s twitter account has been permanently suspended. Is this real? What’s the protocol, do we all met in Times Square and kiss?? (Thru masks of course)Donald Trump after having his twitter account taken awayI guess I'll go read a book


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