In Honor Of Today’s Cheez-It Bowl, Let’s Rewatch The Greatest Cheez-It Video Of All Time

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This video dropped over 13 years ago and I think about it just about every day of my life, and honestly, I haven’t watched (the actual) David Blaine’s magic the same ever since. Every time I’m expecting him to replace orange soda with Cheez-It’s and put orange soda in people’s mouths. I mean, this was the early days of viral videos on the internet. Back when we were still hitting up eBaum’s World for the top viral videos, rather than YouTube. And speaking of YouTube, this was well before David Blaine was doing “magic” specials live on YouTube. I say “magic” because holding onto balloons as they float into the sky isn’t really magic. It’s more survival. And also, boring. This video dropped in the days when David Blaine was still doing street magic. Before he went all mainstream. Not to be some sort of David Blaine hipster, but I liked him before he sold out and got that residency on the Vegas strip. Or is that Chris Angel? Are we sure David Blaine and Chris Angel aren’t the same person? Have we ever seen them in the same room together? Or maybe they’re twins and they’re just living out the plot to The Prestige. Kinda? Great flick, by the way. One of Chris Nolan’s most underrated movies. I think about how that one twin had to cut off his fingers just for the dedication of the act. If I was him, I would’ve just told my brother, “Ya know what? This isn’t worth it just to keep the secret of one trick. Plus, you’re already screwing up my marriage. Why don’t we just find a new job? Or you keep being a magician, and I’ll be a carriage driver or something. Sound good?” Also, shout Mikey Day who was in this video well before joining the cast of SNL.

Anyway, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with tonight’s Cheez-It Bowl. I just wanted an excuse to repost this epic video.

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