One-Off Ferrari Omologata Spotted in Munich

Looking Good as Ever

Ferrari revealed the one-off Omologata a little over a month ago. The car is a beautiful vehicle based on the 812 Superfast. Recently, the car was spotted in Munich.

The car features a bespoke exterior with a unique oval grille and front fascia as well as a wholly unique rear end and rear decklid. The exterior features a Magma Red paint job. Inside the car has electric blue seat upholstery as well as leather and Jeans Aunde fabric.

As much as I love the look of the 812 Superfast, I have to say the Omologata is an even better-looking machine.

The car was spotted in Munich by an Instagrammer. The images of the car were posted to the @muccrisp Instagram profile. The caption on the image gallery was simple: “Omologata.”

The car honestly looks better here than in previous images posted by Ferrari, and I have a feeling in the flesh, it’s even better still.

There are seven images in total. The car was photographed driving, but it was also snapped parked outside a Salvatore Ferragamo store. It was parked right on the street and thus easy to take pictures of. You can see those images in the Instagram post embedded below.

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