Twitter Reacts To Trump Getting The Coronavirus

As you have probably noticed, we are big fans of Donald Trump on this site. We’ve previously featured various artistic projects about him, such as Trump Photoshopped As a Little Kid, Trump Wearing Unusually Long Ties, and Trump Making The Britain Great Again. Now it’s time to round up the funniest Twitter user reactions of him getting the “kung flu”, as he used to love to call it.

To help Donald Trump get the full COVID-19 experience, let’s make sure he loses his job and is evicted from his home next month.


BREAKING: Mike Pence has been moved to Trump National Golf Course in case he needs to assume Trump’s duties.Suddenly it’s the Coronavirus and not the China Virus. Suddenly we’re all in this together. Suddenly the Republican party is calling for people to show empathy. Suddenly it’s clear none of them cared until it affected them. YOU never mattered to him or them.Covid-19 hits poor people the hardest. The virus must have seen Trump's tax returns.Trump retweets videos saying “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” but now we’re all supposed to wish him well for contracting a virus he spent months lying to us about that 208,000 of our fellow citizens were left to die from. No thanks. I’ll pass.Get well soon, Donald!I don’t feel bad that Trump got COVID. The way he was dressed he was asking for it. It’s God’s will. He’s just lying about getting COVID for fame. He isn’t COVID’s type. COVID never even met him. He should make the best out of a bad situation and be forced to have COVID’s baby.Remember that time Trump made fun of Biden for wearing a mask? Oh wait, that was Tuesday.Trump isn't drinking bleach.Trump's Covid messaging.BREAKING: Donald Trump makes miraculous and historic recovery.Anyway, what's in the news?Despite any personal or political differences, we should all endeavor to show the Trump family the same amount of sympathy and respect that they showed the McCain family.Sorry Republicans, if you don't wear protection and something happens, you have to keep it!Trump says he doesn’t believe in Socialism but he’s about to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of public healthcare that he only paid $750 for.The President is going to show us how easy it is to beat this disease and all you need is a private helicopter, 12 of the best doctors in the world, and every single drug available at a moment's notice.BREAKING: 74 year old man experiences first time suffering consequences for his actions.Remember when Chris Christie said we have to accept more deaths in order to re-open the economy?Trump's last words.hey, remember that one time when Hillary stumbled on a curb and the entire wingnut outrage-industrial complex high-fived and then fell all the fuck over themselves in a mad dash to publish her obituary? that was super-fun and super-respectfulNow that Trump is experiencing COVID symptoms, he’s finally experiencing what it’s been like to live with his constant presence for the last five years.


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