This Is Just A Friendly Reminder That The Padres Manager Is Named Jayce Tingler

Jayce. Tingler.

Seriously. The San Diego Padres’ manager is Jayce Tingler.

I’m not just bringing this up because he played college baseball at my alma mater, Mizzou. I’m bringing this up because his name is Jayce Tingler. You want to talk about first-team All-Name Team. My man is on the Mount Rushmore of names. Jayce. Tingler.

Say it aloud. Jayce Tingler. Seriously, it’s fun. Jayce Tingler. It’s probably the package Bob Kraft orders at his seedy massage parlors: the Jayce Tingler. Did you say it out loud? Don’t just say it in your head. Say it out loud. Even if you’re around other people. Just do it. Jayce Tingler.

It might be my favorite name in baseball. Scratch that. All of sports. Jayce Tingler. It sounds like the side effect of some new pharmaceutical drug. You may experience a Jayce Tingler in your sides and back. Wanna know a fun fact about Jayce Tingler? He speaks both English and Spanish. That’s right. Tingler is bilingual.

You’re probably wondering. Why am I reading this right now? I don’t know, but that’s on you. You read and clicked on the headline, so I’m not sure what else you expected from this blog other than the continuous reminder that the man who signs the scorecard every single day for the San Diego Padres is named Jayce Tingler. It’s not Greg. It’s not Paul. It’s Jayce Tingler.

Jayce Tingler.

#NeverForget. #JayceTingler.

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