Roger Goodell’s New Outside Advisory Committee For COVID-19 Is A Who’s Who Of WTF?

Alright. I’ll be the first to bite. What the hell is this?

An outside advisory committee that will advise Roger Roogell on COVID-19?? And it’s made up of:

  • a cornerback with two last names
  • a wide receiver with two first names
  • a former GM and analyst who always feels like he’s asleep
  • a man who’s skin flakes in temperatures below 40 degrees
  • the Bengals head coach who could not be fired, until he was
  • the guy from the Head and Shoulders commercials
  • the man responsible for Peyton Manning’s success
  • and Rick Smith

Now look, I’m writing this blog blindly. I haven’t read anything. You’re just getting my raw, instant, unfiltered take which is this: Why would you turn to these guys as outside advisors for COVID-19? Shouldn’t you be turning to – oh I don’t know – DOCTORS?!

America started to turn on Roger Goodell after he appeared somewhat likeable while getting drunk in his basement during the draft, but now it appears he’s back on brand doing dumb stuff and questionable decision making. How do I know? Because he just assembled a Longest Yard team to advise on a global pandemic. Is COVID running a nickel defense? Then maybe Troy Polamalu should help. Is COVID constantly showing up late? Get it to adjust to Coughlin time. Are you trying to bore COVID into submission? Charlie Casserly has you covered.

I’d like to give Goodell credit and say this is just a facade, but his track record has proven he doesn’t really deserve it and this is probably the group of guys he’s seeking actual medical opinions for the entire NFL. Regardless, can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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