This Story About Former NHLer Jamie Rivers Dying (And Coming Back To Life) Is Insane!

Former NHL defenseman, mega Canadian, and very hilarious Jamie Rivers took time out of driving his truck to hop on Instagram LIVE for a chat. The whole interview is worth your time because Jamie is hilarious, but in this day and age of short attention spans, here are a few highlights of our chat:

  • (0:22) His life as a TikTok star
  • (2:28) The Lightning and Blue Jackets playing FIVE (5!) overtimes.
  • (3:58) What’s the longest game Jamie ever played in?
    • This turns into an epic story about Hall of Famer Grant Fuhr
  • (7:24) Which goalie had the best looking 5-hole?
  • (9:05) Who’s winning the Stanley Cup this year?
    • and if the Blues can overcome their 0-2-1 round robin
  • (13:42) Was the NHL Draft Lottery rigged?
  • (15:17) What was it like being dead and then coming back to life?

Special thanks to Jamie Rivers for taking the time to pull over his truck for this chat. This is the third in our series of KB Chats. To check out the rest, click here.

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