Steve-O Duct Taped Himself To An L.A. Billboard, Things Are Starting To Feel Normal Again

2020’s been filled with a lot of uncertainty and news that no one could’ve predicted. This whole year has been like staying over at your friends house when your friend isn’t there. It’s just uncomfortable. You don’t know what to do. And you’re just hoping it ends soon. However, this morning we got our first real sense of normalcy since March.

Steve-O duct taped himself to a billboard.

Ahhh. Finally. Some normalcy in this world. It had been too long. I had nearly forgotten how to live, love, and laugh at Steve-O. But thankfully, nature is healing. All thanks to this Los Angeles billboard.

It’s not rare to see a celebrity on a billboard in L.A. But it is rare to see a celebrity ACTUALLY on a billboard in L.A. And yeah, sure, this is just a publicity stunt, but Steve-O is the only man who actually emphasizes the word stunt rather than publicity. “Hey, this is grab a lot of attention for taping myself to a billboard trick. Welcome to Jackass!” *guitar riff*

Remember the last time Steve-O thrusted himself onto a giant sign?

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