Question For The NFL: How Exactly Do You Suspend A Retired Guy?

Remember when Antonio Brown retired last year? Or wait, was that less than 2 weeks ago? Is Antonio Brown retired? No, that definitely happened last year. Right?

Okay, now you’re just messing with me. It was last year. I always figured he would retire a Patriot. Wait…??? WHAT IS THIS??

Ok, so he retired again this year? Glad we were able to clear that up.

I’m going to miss Antonio Brown’s antics on and off the field (as I’ve previously noted). But who knows? Maybe this will clear up his schedule and he’ll try to get back on Dancing With The Stars. Because, well, he won’t be getting back into football. How do I know?

Can someone explain to me how this is possible? This is the equivalent of trying to arrest a dead guy. The guy has retired TWICE in the last year and here he is still getting suspended by the NFL. What team is he even not going to play for? But, in his defense, he technically is retired for at least half the season.

Is the NFL even sure that AB UN-retired? Like you can’t just suspend a guy who has no intentions of playing in the league again, right? You’re saying he did un-retire? Geez… I can’t keep up.

Here I was talking about all the things that people may have forgotten about with AB, and now we’ll hopefully get to make some new memories with him this (well, half) season.

Would you want your team to sign someone that was only able to play half of a season? We at least know of one team, or person rather, who is certainly advocating for AB’s services.

Hope the NFL doesn’t suspend Brett Favre next.

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