The Junk Drawer: How To Break Up With Your Fantasy Football League

We got more junk this week, and it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of the top moments:

(2:59) – Regis Philbin passed away, so we take some time to talk about and honor the TV legend and guess how many hours he’s been on television.

(11:35) – Last week we talked about what we should expect with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s first pitch. This week we broke down what we witnessed.

(23:11) – How do we feel about virtual fans? A little weird, and a little too on the nose with some of their actions.

(32:25) – Lou Williams was caught breaking the NBA bubble by going to a strip club. And he was busted by rapper Jack Harlow. No, this isn’t a Mad Lib.

(49:10) – This week’s FRANK FACT is about pineapples and it’s wild.

(1:00:48) – How To Leave Your Fantasy League In 10 Ways… you know, it’s kinda like that Matthew McConaughey movie. Only with your fantasy league.

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0:42 – Crazy Breaking News

2:59 – RIP in peace Regis Philbin

11:35 – Reaction to Dr. Fauci’s First Pitch

16:44 – JJ Watt’s MASSIVE News

23:11 – Virtual Fans Are Now A Thing

29:16 – Jamal Adams Traded To The Jets

32:25 – Lou Williams (s)Trip Outside The Bubble

42:38 – Chris Long Hates The Seattle Kraken

49:10 – FRANK FACT


1:00:48 – How To Leave Your Fantasy League in 10 Ways

1:19:40 – The List: NFL Players Talking About Madden Ratings

1:21:26 – The List: People Who Cruise In Your Blind Spot

1:23:07 – The List: The Tip Jar At Starbucks

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