Not Going To Say I Nailed Dr. Fauci’s First Pitch, But I Totally Nailed It

Last night, Dr. Anthony Fauci ventured out from behind his court room table, Zoom meeting-filled computer screen, or textbooks about skin to go outside for what might the first time since COVID-19 was first reported in America. And he did so to throw the first pitch for his “favorite” baseball team, the Washington Nationals.

It went about as well as our country’s containment of the coronavirus.

Yeesh. Talk about social distancing.

If you’re a follower of our site, you know we’ve been looking forward to Fauci’s first pitch. It was a big point on this week’s episode of The Junk Drawer.


Again, not going to say I nailed it. But I nailed it. You can’t trust Italians in baseball. Except for the greatest baseball player in the history of human civilization, Nick Punto (and maybe Mike Piazza and Anthony Rizzo). But aside from that, Team Italia plays like Team Gen-Italia in the World Baseball Classic. So it’s no surprised that Fauci’s spaghetti and meatballs background couldn’t throw a strike. Better luck next pandemic, Fauci.

(Also, I appreciate you working so hard to try and learn about this virus so we don’t have to. Mad respect.)

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