The Junk Drawer: Top 3 Movies That Make Us Cry, What Food Would You Break Bubble For, & Redskins

We got more junk this week, and it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of the top moments.

(1:12) – What if relegation was brought to American sports? Not just the worst teams being relegated to lower leagues, but rather being relegated to other sports…

(7:47) – Sacramento Kings C Richaun Holmes was placed into quarantine for crossing the bubble line to pick up Doordash…

  • The NBA has 6 of the best restaurant providers within the walls of the bubble to begin with… why would you need delivery?
  • What did Richaun order that he HAD to have?
  • If you were in the bubble, what would you NEED to have delivered?

(34:43) – You probably haven’t heard yet, but the Washington Redskins are changing their name

  • Let’s read a take on this subject from a Facebook comment
  • What is the one name you’re hoping the Redskins change to?

(49:14) – A new segment called FRANK FACTS

(56:28) – Top 3 Movies That Make Us Cry

  • Each guy shares their own top 3 list including full movies and specific scenes

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1:12 – Should Relegation Be In American Sports?

7:47 – NBA’s Richaun Holmes Tried To Doordash to the Bubble

19:53 – What Food Did Richaun Holmes Need To Have Delivered?

22:03 – What Food/Item Would You Cross The Bubble Line For?

34:42 – New Name Ideas For The Redskins



56:28 – Top 3 Movies That Make Us Cry

1:22:14 – Challenge For Our Listeners

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