If The MLS ‘Bubble’ Pops, I’m Worried About Other Sports Making It Work

This is a literal bubble popping. It’s a metaphor.

I woke up this morning ready for a nice soccer game to wake up to as DC United and Toronto Football Club were slated to play at 9 AM. I’ve talked before about how I thoroughly enjoy weekend morning soccer games (they’re a great distraction from hangovers). When I switched on the TV, I was greeted with a horrible surprise. The game was postponed because a player was showing symptoms similar to COVID-19. This isn’t just a soccer story though, this is a bubble story.

This is a guy getting his temperature checked. This is not a metaphor.

For those who don’t know, the MLS is Back Tournament bubble is located in Disney World, just like the NBA bubble. That alone, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of a bubble. Not to mention the fact that Disney World is now reopening… Sure, Disney World is huge, and they can say that the players are separate, but we all know that some jackass is going to buy a ticket to Disney World to try and get a pic of LeBron. Who knows, maybe a Celtics fan sneaks in and tries to cough on Joel Embiid to keep him from playing in a crucial playoff game!

In all seriousness, this is a very bad sign for the upcoming return of basketball and hockey. If one player showing symptoms shuts down a game, what will happen if multiple players test positive? Two MLS teams – Dallas and Nashville – have already been sent home from the tournament for having multiple players test positive. What happens if the Bucks have an outbreak while playing the 76ers during the Eastern Conference Finals? Obviously they should have to forfeit and the Sixers move on, but I don’t think that would sit well with the haters.

So, What Happens Now?

Just like everyone else, I want need sports to come back, but I have to be realistic with myself. I hate to play the role of Debbie Downer, but with the country setting new records of COVID-19 daily, it is highly unlikely that the return of sports will be as smooth as we all hope.

Until basketball and hockey return, any fan would be smart to keep a keen eye on the return of the MLS. The more problems they face in keeping a corona-free environment, the less likely I believe other sports in America will be able to pull off their returns. At this point sports fans, all I can say is God help us all.

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