The Junk Drawer: A Deep Dive Into Conspiracy Theories, Pat Mahomes Is Rich, And Kanye West As President

We got more junk this week, and it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of the top moments.

(2:44) – Patrick Mahomes’ New 10-Year, $503 Million Deal

  • What’s a ‘guarantee mechanism?’
  • Things that didn’t last as long Pat Mahomes’ 10-year deal
  • What does this deal do to the Chiefs’ salary cap?
  • Who is the happiest with the news of this deal?

(19:31) – Who’s Your Favorite Muppet?

(20:55) – Kanye West Is Running For President

  • Does he realize the election is THIS November?
  • Will he continue to make music as president?
  • Is the Independent Party the Outback Steakhouse of political parties?
  • Kanye’s speeches would be fire

(37:59) – COFFEE BREAK

(39:47) – Let’s Talk Conspiracy Theories

  • #FREEBRITNEY – Is Britney Spears leaving cryptic clues in her videos that she needs help?
  • The NBA’s Conspiracies
  • Denver’s Airport
  • A personal conspiracy theory
  • Can the government control the weather?
  • Roswell Never Had Aliens To Begin With

(1:07:53) – THE LIST: People Who Politicize Wearing Masks

(1:12:00) – THE LIST: Big Cable Company Internet

(1:15:02) – THE LIST: Blank Check (1994)

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2:44 – Patrick Mahomes’ New 10-Year, $503M Deal

19:31 – Who’s Your Favorite Muppet?

20:55 – Kanye West Is Running For President


39:47 – Let’s Talk Conspiracy Theories

1:07:53 – The List: People Who Politicize Wearing A Mask

1:12:00 – The List: Big Cable Company Internet

1:15:02 – The List: Blank Check (1994)

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