The Junk Drawer: MLB’s Spring Training Is Called ‘Summer Camp,’ No More #ComebackSZN For Manziel, And A Fourth of July DRAFT

We got more junk this week, and it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of the top moments.

(1:00) – As you already know, Cam Newton signed with the Patriots. We hate it.

(11:56) – At least the Patriots were finally punished for their cheating though… kinda.

(20:37) – Apparently Johnny Manziel announced he’s done with football… about 4 years after football was done with him.

(34:08) – MLB is calling their second Spring Training ‘Summer Camp,’ which obviously had us reminiscing about summer camp.

(44:10) – Which 4 MLB players would you want to share a bunk with at summer camp

(55:23) – We held a snake draft to pick the best things about Fourth of July

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1:00 – Patriots Sign Cam Newton And It Sucks

11:56 – Patriots Hit With More Cheating Punishments

20:37 – Johnny Manziel Announces He’s Done With Football


31:51 – Bowdoin College Football Update

34:08 – MLB’s New Spring Training is called Summer Camp

44:10 – What 4 MLBers Would You Bunk With At Summer Camp?

55:23 – Best Things About Fourth of July DRAFT

1:16:38 – If We Did Honorable Mentions

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