The NBA Is Working On A Plan Similar To The One We Made Up For Their Other Eight Teams

If you’re familiar with me, you know that one of my first articles for Korked Bats was the perfect plan on what to do with the eight teams that were left out of the NBA’s restart plan. When I wrote it, it was nothing more than a pipe dream, but now it seems my plan is getting closer and closer to becoming reality. Sam Amick, senior NBA writer for The Athletic, tweeted this over the weekend:

SOURCE – Sources say the Cavs, Pistons and Hawks have been among the most vocal organizations and several teams (including the Timberwolves) are expressing interest in possibly serving as the hosts. Sources say Las Vegas and Houston were among the cities mentioned by league officials as possible locations on the Thursday call.

The Knicks, sources say, have expressed reservations about participating, in part because they have a roster with several soon-to-be free agents who might decline to take part (as many as eight players potentially). If accommodations could be made to help a team like the Knicks fill its roster by way of G League players, however, then that could be an X-factor of sorts.

!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! Clearly Adam Silver reads my work! If not, *wink wink*, Mr. Silver, here is a link to my first article on how to set up the tournament for the 8 teams not in contention. Also, if any owners or NBA power brokers have any questions or concerns about my plan, feel free to contact Austin (editor of Korked Bats), and he can give you my phone number and real identity, and I can help iron out the details. I don’t even require compensation besides credit for coming up with the plan.

Keeping The Crappy Basketball Dream Alive!

Also, I want a Korked Bats logo on the court. A small price to pay for salvation!

Oh, and the name they’ve thrown around is The Delete Eight, which I will begrudgingly admit is so much better than our “Not-So-Great-Eight.” Touché.

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