VIDEO: In Loving Memory of The Belk Bowl

Belk Bowl made it official this morning. They are now Duke’s Mayo Bowl. While that name is still zany, it’s hard to endure the loss of one of the most mediocre department store you mom would always drag you through to get new back-to-school clothes.

Maybe it was the alliteration, maybe it was their wittiness on Twitter, or maybe it was the fact that the Belk Bowl always provided a beacon of light (and hope) in the endless void of college bowl season.

Are there too many bowl games? I’m not answering that. All I will say is there are one too few bowl games now. And there always will be. As long as Belk department stores are out of business, and don’t sponsor a bowl game.

I’m sure Duke’s Mayo Bowl will be great, and I’m sure I will grow to love it. But I don’t have to like it right now. You’re not my real dad, Duke’s Mayo Bowl!

For now, rest in peace, Belk Bowl. We will never forget the amazing eight years we had together. And in turn, we hope you never forget about us as you ascend to that giant college bowl season in the sky.

RIP in peace Belk Bowl


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