The Junk Drawer: Drafting Other Weapons For Elmer Fudd To Use, Hidden Treasure & Conor McGregor Retires (Again)

Is NOTHING sacred anymore?!

The Junk Drawer is back with a new epi this week where we cover a hell of a lot of ground. There wasn’t much sports to talk about, but you can bet your ass we talked about it anyway: MLB owners vs. players, more proof Angel Hernandez is terrible, and Conor McGregor retires… again.

Plus, the biggest news coming out of this week was obviously the fact that HBO Max’s new iteration of Looney Tunes is going to be made without guns, meaning Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam are going to have to find new weapons. So we held a snake draft for what weapons they should use.

We also learned this week that there has been hidden treasure hidden in the middle of the forest for the last ten years and someone just found it. Why did we not know about this? Would we have even gone looking for it even if we had?

And of course, we end with The List. This week’s additions: U-Haul, people who leave kids/pets in hot cars, and The Big Bang Theory.


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2:56 – This Week’s Reviews

5:46 – Introducing Korked Bats’ Newest Writer

8:50 – MLB Owners vs. Players

12:51 – Angel Hernandez Remains The Worst

15:50 – Conor McGregor Retired… Again

21:01 – Looney Tunes Banned Guns

32:58 – DRAFT: Weapons Elmer Fudd Should Use

56:00 – The Greatest Coffee Ever

1:01:54 – Hidden Treasure Is A Real Thing

1:09:39 – THE LIST: People Who Leave Kids/Pets In Hot Cars

1:11:08 – THE LIST: U-Haul

1:15:37 – THE LIST: The Big Bang Theory

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