The Junk Drawer: Is The Rocket Launch Sports? Andy Milonakis Is Still Alive & Ultimate Tag

Not going to ignore the fact of what’s going on in this country. We address it off the top, but also recognize we’re merely three white guys, so we shouldn’t be the ones talking right now. We went more in depth in this post the other day. Our goal is to try and bring some levity and laughter to everyone’s week.

We kick off the episode with some reviews. And when I say reviews, I mean one review. Ol’ Cloon Dog picked us up and was awarded our listener of the week. Maybe he’s the only one? Who knows. Then we dive into the rocket launch from this past weekend. Is it sports? We’re saying yes, just for the sake of our sanity. We need sports bad, and at this point we’ll take what we can get. Plus, the captains of the rocket (are the called captains?) Bob and Doug are our heroes. We think. We actually know nothing about them.

Also, A.D. watched the first two-ish episodes of Ultimate Tag on FOX, hosted by J.J. Watt, T.J. Watt, and Derek Watt. He gives us his book report on the show and Grit and I ask questions about it. (Basically, Grit and I goofed around the whole time A.D. tried to present.)

And of course we end with The List… This week’s additions: hills, people in front of you in line at convenient stores who buy scratch-off tickets, and chrome football helmets.

This was a fun episode with poor connection issues from Grit because he was on vacation. I swear, that guy is in a different location every single week. Can’t wait to find out where he is next week.

Stay safe, everyone.

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2:17 – This Week’s Reviews

6:44 – Is The Rocket Launch Sports?

11:09 – Bob and Doug

20:40 – Andy Milonakis Is Back?

24:13 – Where’d Grit Go?

28:08 – The Greatest Coffee Ever

29:04 – Ultimate Tag hosted by The Watt Brothers

38:33 – A Breakdown of The Watt’s Subway Commercial

41:34 – Track Is The Nerdiest Sport

43:28 – Ultimate Tag Injuries

52:07 – The List: Hills

1:00:12 – The List: Lotto Guy In Line At Gas Stations

1:02:51 – The List: Chrome Football Helmets

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