Rose & Jack Could NOT Both Survive on That Door

To kickoff the newest podcast in The Korked Bats Podcast Network, The Junk Drawer, we decided to share our worst (or unpopular) takes, one of which was the fact that despite popular belief, Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater couldn’t both have survived on that floating door in the Northern Atlantic.

People love to write their own narratives. Narratives that just completely ignore the fact that they tried to both get on that door, but it flipped like a $6 pool float. Don’t sell me that B.S. about there being room. Sure there was room. But it’s about buoyancy. People forget that.

You may choose to ignore these important facts, but then you’re just another sheep choosing to believe your own misconceptions. And you suck worse than Cal Hochley.

If you enjoy the clip, check out the full episode.


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