We’re Apparently At “Snoop Dogg Listens To Frozen Soundtrack Alone In His Car” Stage of Quarantine

Look, I really don’t mean to do this. I don’t mean to bring everyone down on a Friday. But like Amy says in the tweet above, we need to talk about this.

Snoop Dogg has resorted to pilgriming out to his car to listen to the Frozen soundtrack alone. This is a patented move for parents of three kids under the age of 5, not one of the most iconic rappers of our generation. This tells me one thing: quarantine has finally gotten to Snoop.

You may be thinking, “I’m sure Snoop was just really high when he recorded this.” Yeah, exactly. That’s my point. If Snoop’s as baked as he normally is and he’s still like, “I need a break. I need the soothing and tranquil tones of Idina Menzel’s… sorry, Adele Dazeem’s voice to help bring me back to sanity.” Then frankly, we as a society are screwed.

I mean we’ve all seen this guy after terrible Steelers (or Stillers as he calls them) and Lakers games.

(This should go without saying, but the following video contains explicit language and is NSFW, so turn down your speakers or put in headphones if you’re at work.)

This is a guy who doesn’t give up easily. This is a guy who doesn’t compartmentalize his aggression. Just ask Gayle King. So to see him doing all of the above to the tunes of Princess Elsa scares me worse than any of the news about coronavirus.

You know how FEMA has different levels of emergency? Well, Snoop Dogg listening to Frozen alone in his car should be added to it. Whatever the worst level of emergency, this should be higher. All hand on deck! If he gets to the song Josh Gad sings, we’re done.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully understand that quarantine, especially for this long, can drive anyone insane. One Saturday I woke up as late as 10:45am only to realize it was Wednesday. So I know full well the kinds of tricks staying at home can do to the human mind. I just never expected the guy who once rapped, “I’m a bad boy, with a lot of hoes, drive my own cars, and wear my own clothes,” to be rocking out to “Let It Go” in said cars. But again, I’m not one to judge.

I will say this though, for as terrifying as this video is, it’s also that funny. Especially Snoop’s ‘dramatic chipmunk’ look at the camera when the chorus hits.

So look, if you’re at home thinking this sucks and I want to jab a fork in my eye socket, just know that it sucks for all of us. Even multi-platinum Grammy Award winning rappers. Sip some gin and juice, blare some Adele Dazeem, and let it go.

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