In Crappy News That No One Wants To Hear: Fred Willard Has Died At 86

Every now and again, the news of a celebrity passing hits and it really sucks. Today is one of those. Fred Willard has passed at the age of 86.

Man, Fred was as they say, “one of the good ones.” He was an actor, a comedian, and was always so charming. And not like charming on TV, but a pretty big jerk to everyone around them off TV, the way Ellen apparently is. Anyone who ever came in contact with Fred Willard always had nothing but great things to say. Plus, he was so damn funny. He was one of the few people wherever you saw him on screen, you knew you were about to laugh.

When I saw his name trending – which is rarely a good start – I was hoping and praying it was one of those fake deaths Twitter pulls two or three times a year. Then I was hoping and praying he was caught up in some scandal or just said something inappropriate. Because let’s face it, being canceled is much better than being dead. But unfortunately, the news was true. So in a way to honor him, let’s enjoy some of the best Fred Willard moments.

If I missed any… and I know I have, tweet them to us at @korkedbats.

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