Leave It To Weird Al To Completely Dominate A Spoof of Gal Gadot’s Celebrity Sing Along

The deeper we get into all of this, the funnier it gets that Gal Gadot collected some of the biggest A-list celebrities on the planet to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon when they were stuck in their houses for like 36 hours into quarantine.

This was March 18th. Gee, thanks guys.

Like when the history books are written about 2020, and this video comes up, people will be like, “Oh wow. How deep into the quarantine process was this? Like 3, 4 months?” Nope. It was like 3, 4 days. How nice of the celebrities to share with us that we’re all in this together.

Obviously, many people have done their own spins and spoofs of this video, but leave it to Weird Al to come in and burn the whole place down with his spin on it.

Odenkirk, Cranston, Oswalt, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Scheer, Armisen, the guy from VEEP, and dozens more coming together to sing a song as beuaituflly vibrant and touching as “Eat It,” Weird Al’s spoof of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” Truly touching. Honestly, I think I could quarantine for six more years after watching that.

If they say laughter is the best medicine, then that makes Weird Al, sorry, Weird Gal (Gadot) the cure to coronavirus. We need him more now than ever.

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