We’ve Officially Chosen Our Korean Baseball Team And It Is…




The NC Dinos.

I was surprised to learn the NC stands for neither North Carolina nor Nicolas Cage. In fact I was surprised to learn that I can’t figure out what the NC stands for. I did some extensive digging online (just going to the team’s Wikipedia page) and could not find it anywhere. So I guess the NC is open to interpretation. Which, to me, the NC now stands for NEW CHAMPS!

They’ve only been around since 2013, which is dope, because I’ve only been around the KBO since 2020. So we’re both pretty new at this. From what I’ve read, this team is very analytically driven (shout out Moneyball!) and they hit a ton of home runs (shout out anabolic steroids!).

Another plus about the NC Dinos, they once housed a league MVP on their team. A guy who’s very familiar to MLB fans. A guy who was given the nickname ‘God’ in Korea. And had his own song…

Eric Allyn Thames.

Thames became the first player in KBO history to hit for the cycle TWICE in a season, and the first KBO player to ever join the 40/40 club. Not to brag. Any team that houses Eric Thames is ok by me.

Oh, and let’s take a quick gander at the standings (as of May 8th, 2020)…

Wait, who is that at the top, the Lotte Giants and who?? I want to make sure my eyes aren’t deceiving me. Is that the New Champs Dinos?! Are they undefeated?! Oh hell yes.

Look, I know there was mistakes made and some regrets in the process we took to pick our team.

But it’s best we get it right before we finally decide, and I’d say we did without question.

Plus, no other team has a swole daddy as their mascot.

That Jurassic Park club-remix would bring a tear to even John Williams’ eye. Just beautiful.

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