Happy Cinco De Mayo To Everyone But Adam Jones Who Apparently Puts Ketchup On Tacos

Earlier today, San Diego native and current outfielder for the Orix Buffaloes of Nippon Professional Baseball Adam Jones posted the following photo to Instagram.

Just your everyday, run of the mill, 3:00am (California time) Instagram post of some tacos and beer. Or is it?

Upon first glance, I wouldn’t have thought twice (sorry, dos) about this picture assuming that the red sauce on top is just salsa. In fact, that sounds amazing. I should’ve stopped there and just let my assumption be true. I shouldn’t have stuck my nose any deeper into anyone else’s business. I was always told to NEVER READ THE COMMENTS. *sigh* But I did.

And they were frightening.

One person commented, “I know that’s not ketchup on your taco…. your SD card’s gonna get pulled if so….” Lol. Right?! Surely it’s not ketchup. Right? …RIGHT?!

But Jones commented back with, “you can’t ever pull my SD card. It’s my plate. I eat them how I want to. Ain’t a specific way. So gracias.”

Oh dammit, Adam.

Ketchup on a damn taco? Sure it’s got meat, lettuce, and cheese – which are the same ingredients of a cheeseburger – but when you replace the bun for a tortilla and put ketchup on the same ingredients, that’s just gross! It’s a real freaky Pat Mahomes move on your part, and I will not stand for it. The Mexicans did not die for our freedom to celebrate this holiday for people to slander tacos with Hunt’s. Also, I know nothing about the origin of Cinco de Mayo.

If you’re a ketchup on tacos person, don’t go posting it to your 148k Instagram followers. Keep that to yourself, for the same reason you’d keep being a psychopathic serial killer to yourself.

This honestly has to be the worst thing an athlete named Adam Jones has ever done.

(We do appreciate that Corona, though. DO BEERS, ADAM! Love you, dude!)

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