Carole Baskin Was A Guest On Jimmy Fallon.. SIKE! It Was Just Two British Dudes Pranking Her

Hey all you cool cats and kittens.

Before you say it, I know. The whole Tiger King train feels like it’s run its course, and I agree. But when ‘that b*tch’ Carole Baskin gets duped into appearing onto Fallon by a could of British blokes, you know we gotta hit on it. And the video of them doing it is absolutely fascinating.

This was Baskin’s first public interview since Tiger King dropped and first public comments since she wrote that blog rebuttal of every single claim in the docuseries. She wasn’t even asked (and wouldn’t have participated anyway) to be in Netflix’s 8th Tiger King recap episode with Joel McHale. Probably for the best. McHale would’ve ripped her apart like her tigers did to her second husband.

Now of all the people in the world I’d want to prank, I think Baskin would be towards the bottom of that list. Right there alongside O.J., Baudi Moovan and her crew, the leader of any militia group or gang, and Brendan Fraser. But these dudes said, “F it, what’s the worst she can do? Sue us to the point where our parents have to sell their home, set us up in a murder for hire plot, and/or feed us to her tigers?” Uhhh yeah.

Also, any hope of any future interviews with C-Basks just got chucked out the window. No way she does Carpool Karaoke.

Carole did comment on the YouTube video with an email she sent to her husbnd right after the. interview:

Click on the image to make it larger.

And she responded with a statement she gave to US Weekly:

“I was suspicious as we were doing it because the questions appeared taped. But had no idea it would turn out to be such a fun prank,” she said. “It gave us a very welcome good laugh. I appreciate their cleverness and that they created their video in a way that I don’t feel was in any way mean-spirited.”

Such a “fun prank?” Yeah, those dudes are about to be Meow Mix for Carole’s tigers. I’ve seen enough movies to know that when bad guys get humiliated, and then compliment the people who humiliated them immediately after, that tends to be a death certificate for the humiliators. Good luck, British blokes. Baskin’s comin’ for ya.

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