Remember When David Copperfield Made The Damn Statue of Liberty Disappear?


For whatever reason over the past week or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about the time David Copperfield made the freaking Statue of Liberty disappear. I’d be laying awake at night thinking, “How did he do that?” I’d be in the shower wondering, “Technology sucked back then too!” My wife would be yelling at me about not paying attention to her when she talks to me while I think, “Nevermind the disappearance. How did he put it back?”

This isn’t some hot assistant in a box. This is Lady Lib we’re talking about. And he made the thing vanish.

For you skeptics, look at these people and tell me they didn’t just see that 151 foot, 204 ton statue vanish into thin air.

Those are smiles of pure amazement and wonder.

Plus, did you see the flashing sign in Times Square that said, “David Did It!” They wouldn’t flash that sign if David didn’t do it.

Imagine being in Times Square before they had video screens and just sitting there waiting for this jumbotron to say whether he did it or not, like waiting for your toast to pop.

I also love the old lady towards the end say, “I have never seen a Statue of Liberty disappear the way this one did.” Well there you have it, folks. If you got nana saying she’s never seen a Statue of Liberty disappear like that then I’m starting to believe a Statue of Liberty has never disappeared like that.

I’m not sure how you can’t believe in magic after that.

I actually saw David Copperfield perform live one time growing up. My dad ran into some guy he knew in the lobby of the theater and the guy upgraded our tickets to front row seats. It was insane. I could see the beads of sweat on David’s botoxed forehead. Unfortunately, however, at one point in the show, one of David’s rabbits pissed on my dad. D.C. will make American landmarks disappear, but apparently won’t do a damn thing about other people’s dry cleaning bills.

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