10 Potential New Cleveland Browns Logos

The Cleveland Browns are dropping new uniforms today. What better time to drop a new logo while you’re at it? To help them out, we came up with 10 potential new logos that they can choose from:

New Browns Logo - 3

This one just solves the color problem the team has had for years.

New Browns Logo - 1

The fans have been doing it for years. Why not integrate it into the logo?

New Browns Logo - 6

The team’s scouts might actually be Girl Scouts.

New Browns Logo - 7

With a lazy front office and a slow team, this one fits well.

New Browns Logo - 11

This was just an excuse to get Eugene Levy’s head on a Browns logo.

New Browns Logo - 2

At least this logo gets the primary color right.

New Browns Logo - 5


New Browns Logo - 4

This logo would probably get canceled after a couple seasons too.

New Browns Logo - 9

Remember when he was in Cleveland? Classic. This logo would probably flop anyway.

New Browns Logo - 10

Why not rename the team after another color?

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