What Was Chris Johnson’s Biggest Regret? Signing With The Jets Of Course

Somewhere in quarantine the New York Jets are just sitting around doing nothing, when out of nowhere CJ2k just absolutely napalms them with a four-word tweet.

Biggest regret in your career? J-E-T-S… signing… with… the… Jets!

This has to be hit with one of the biggest NO DOYYYY’s in the history of no doy’s.

Chris Johnson is one of seven players in NFL history to rush for over 2,000 yards in a season and one of the fastest running backs in the history of the sport. The Jets are one of 32 NFL teams.

This tweet obviously didn’t sit well with Jets fans, like good ol’ Espo here, who decided to rebuttal with some Chris Ivory smack.

I love the fact that Chris Johnson is flexing that he avargae’d .3 more yards per carry here, while simultaneously neglecting the fact he was tied with Bilal Powell, who I’m sure also regrets signing with the Jets.

Is it just me or do the Jets have a very Brownsy feel to them? Especially since Rex Ryan was hired and said he wasn’t there to “kiss Bill Belichick’s rings” at his introductory press conference. Bold move, let’s see how it plays out for— oh it didn’t at all. Since then it’s been Murphy’s Law at MetLife. and Rex is on TV calling wideouts turds. Sure, Rex beat the Pats in the playoffs in 2010, but that was it. This team hasn’t even made the playoffs since. They’ve cycled through three head coaches, finished above .500 once, and had one unforgettable butt fumble.

Oh and who can forget this gem?

Their starting quarterback had to miss half a season because he made out with some chick, which I will admit, is pretty cool and a very “starting quarterback” move to pull… but in high school, maybe. Sure, it’s also a very Broadway Joe move, but Broadway Joe would then go out and win a Super Bowl. Sam Darnold just goes out and throws incompletions.

I wonder how teams like these ever pull in free agents (outside of handing out huge stacks of cash), when year after year players want out or openly admit to not enjoying their time there (read: LeVeon Bell). But hey, we all mistakes, I guess?

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