No Surprise, Larry David Made The Best Coronavirus PSA

Prettay, prettay good.

Leave it to Larry David to give us the best coronavirus PSA on the market right now. It’s so perfect in so many Larry David ways. It drives home the point. It’s literal. It’s to the point. It brings levity, while also giving a verbal smack on the back of the head of all the idiots who are still not adhering to social distancing. This video cares while not caring at all.

I mean, the video starts with Larry saying, “Obviously somebody put me up to this ’cause it’s generally not the kind of thing I do…” And he’s right! This isn’t generally the kind of thing he does.

Then Larry hits us with a two-by-four of reality by saying, “You’re hurting old people like me.” Then he pauses before adding, “Well, not like me, I have nothing to do with you. I’ll never meet you.” He’s right. I can’t imagine a moment in my life where I will meet Larry David.

And the entire minute and thirty second long video all builds up to one of the most satisfying Larry David “ok’s” in Larry’s 72 years on this Earth.

I think many of us are Larry David in this instance. We’re so fed up with the people who still are – somehow – not practicing social distancing, self-quarantining, or stay-at-home mandates, that we’re just beyond caring by now. If those people can’t be selfless enough for a couple of weeks for the doctors and nurses and old people out there, then there’s nothing we can do. We owe them just one giant Larry David “ok.”

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