Joe Exotic’s ‘I Saw Tiger’ Dubs Way Too Perfectly Over This Mizzou Football Hype Video

This is just grade-A internetting right here by Matt Moreno right here. Literally taking the hottest song in America right now and dubbing it over a hype video by a team that’s literally called the *checks notes* Tigers. This pairing deserves a chef’s kiss.

It’s perfect in another way because if you had to compare the tigers in Netflix’s Tiger King to the tigers in the SEC, Joe Exotic’s tigers would definitely be Mizzou. Doc Antle’s tigers would be Auburn. And without question, Carole Baskin’s tigers are LSU, just because they’re doing the best right now.

If you haven’t seen Tiger King on Netflix yet, we highly suggest that you do, and then feel free to read our recaps of each episode. The first one is available now.

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