ESPN Doing Their Part To Make Self-Quarantining Worse With A Tom Brady Marathon

ESPN just went full on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on us today.

I believe it was either Socrates or Johnny Knoxville who said, “With every great decision comes a much worse decision shortly after.” And that’s exactly what ESPN hit us with today.

First, they decided to bring back ESPN 8: The Ocho programming to ESPN 2 on Sunday.

Great decision. Very self-aware of ESPN to know what their audience wants. Everyone loves the ESPN 8: The Ocho programming. A day where we can watch rarely seen sports, or as we call them during coronavirus quarantine, sports. I mean, what else are they going to air? This move was unanimously loved online.

Then fast forward a few hours and ESPN smacks us upside the head with this annoucnement.

The hell?! Where was the self-awareness from just a few hours ago. A Tom Brady marathon?! Are you kidding me?

Who would want to sit down and watch SEVEN hours worth of Tom Brady? …other than people who can’t pronounce the letter R. Literally, this man has tortured 31 other fan bases in the NFL for twenty years, and in our most vulnerable state of being locked in our homes with no live sports, ESPN is like, “Hey let’s look back to the worst twenty years of the NFL’s history outside of Boston!”

No one outside of New England and the few people who remembered they’re Buccaneers fans this week care about Tom Brady. In fact, not just don’t care, don’t want!

This is cruel. This is mean. This is more insensitive than Gal Gadot’s Justice League of celebrities singing Beatles songs to us.

What are you going to play for us the next day? Highlights from the Astros’ memorable 2017 World Series championship?

If you need me on Sunday, I’ll be watching the Deuce, err, the Ocho.

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