The Most Ridiculous Pics From MLB Photo Day

MLB Photo Day is always one of the best parts about spring training. We gathered some of the most ridiculous photos this year.

This new season of Westworld doesn’t look very good.

When your parents tell you to turn the lights off and go to bed, but you keep your texting your friends.

When you realize you still have 12 more years as a Phillie.

When you realize Bob The Tomato shouldn’t be in Veggie Tales

Eric Thames somehow makes Popeye’s arms look proportional.

Hunter doesn’t look like a professional baseball player who dips, he looks like a professional dipper who plays baseball.

Only missing from this senior photo is a LifeTouch logo in the lower left hand corner.

When you’re about to pitch and you hear a someone bang a trash can.

“Get it? It’s a picture of a bat on a bat!”

How we all feel about the new Nike swooshes on classic MLB uniforms.

People of Metropolis probably think this is Clark Kent.

When your manager hands you the ball to pitch immediately after telling you your cat died.

Anyone who’s this excited about the World Baseball Classic is a Jose De Liar.

With this bat would you want to get hit in the face by a pitch?

After killing his career last year, Chris Davis has now moved on to the most dangerous game: other humans.

This is the best a Padre can do when it comes to a playoff beard.

“Hey kids, Anthony Rizzo here, and I want to encourage you to JUST SAY NO TO DOPE!”

When you’ve got a baseball game at 7:00p but have to play drums for the Gin Blossoms at 9:00p.

We should find out who this player is once the trade is made final.

With those braces, this looks like every driver’s permit photo ever.

Randy looks like he won a contest to be a Minnesota Twin for a day.

Major League 4: Predator

If Chewbacca shaved his face.

Ryley looks like he spent six months trying to grow that mustache just so he can try and buy beer for his friends.

“Hold up… what’d you say about peanuts and cracker jacks?”

What boy band is Willson Contreras in? The Clarkstreet Boys, New Cubs On The Block, 5 Months of Summer, or *NSTINK?

It’s not about the pinstripes you earn, but about the friendships you make along the way.

Salvador Perez in 2015.

Salvador Perez since.

Tommy looks like he’s ready to hit you with his hot take on why Troy-Bilt is actually a better, more durable brand than John Deere.

Until real games start, play MLB Spring Training BINGO with us!

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