Kris BryantUp Went Full ‘Rookie of the Year’ During An At-Bat

ESPN had both Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant mic’d up during a MLB spring training game today, and despite what you think about either of these guys and/or the Chicago Cubs, it was actually pretty awesome.

Especially when Kris Bryant used one of his at-bats to go full-on Rookie of the Year with an “Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.” Watch.

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Other great moments were Bryant and Rizzo trying to sing acapella of that Selena Gomez song that they also couldn’t think of the name for.

And then there was the time Kris Bryant forgot to wear the right hat when he took the field. Classic.

And for any Astros haters, a definite highlight was Rizzo taking a subtle dig at them while standing in the box during an at bat.

They’ve done mic’d up players during the All-Star Game before, and I know this probably won’t be a regular season thing, but damn does it add a totally new and really fun element to the sport.

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