This Kid Can Amazingly Remember Every Yankees Score Since 2014

The lady who cuts my hair asked me about a recent trip I took and why I went on it. The trip was in mid-January and I couldn’t even remember. I missed the Fury-Wilder fight on Saturday night. Why? I can’t remember what I did. What did I have for breakfast this morning? I don’t know. Eggs?

Let’s just say my memory isn’t the greatest. (Read: it sucks) So I’m always in awe of people who can remember things like stats, scores, dates, times, etc. People like this kid Will, who remembers the score of every New York Yankees game since 2014.

This kid Will has remembered every score (and a lot of times the pitchers) of every Yankees game since 2014. That’s 972 games, NOT COUNTING THE POSTSEASON. That’s incredible.

When I was a kid, I remembered the score of every game in Penn State’s undefeated 1994 Rose Bowl season, and I thought I was pretty bad ass for being able to do so. That was 12 games.

I wish will was my cousin so he could remind me to do my taxes before April 15th.

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