Watch the new HBO Trailer From A Guy Who Hasn’t Seen Season 2

HBO dropped the trailer for Season 3 of Westworld today, which for most people, is fantastic news, but for me, is terrible news. Mainly because I haven’t seen Season 2 yet.

In fact, I haven’t even technically finished Season 1 yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the show. It’s just you know, life gets in the way. I just haven’t had the time through my incessant scrolling on three different social media timelines, getting caught down down wormholes of Where Is The Cast of Home Improvement Today videos on YouTube, taking naps, not reading books I promised I would read this year, replacing the water filter in my fridge, taking more naps, and online shopping for “fun” socks. I mean, I wish I had the time, but I just haven’t.

Plus, season two just ended in 2018. So do you really think that’s enough time for me to get caught up?!

I started watching Westworld when it first hit HBO in 2016. I loved it. The show matched the worlds of technology and westerns better than Cowboys and Aliens ever could’ve dreamed. Oh, and it starred the chick from Across The Universe, which is always a plus.

Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it wasn’t, but the deeper the show got, the more busy I found myself getting, and just never finished the last two episodes of season 1. Other shows have come and gone, and I’ve yet to get back into Westworld, but now that they’ve dropped the season 3 trailer, now I have to catch up.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it here:

When I first saw it drop, I told myself I wouldn’t watch, because it will probably include spoilers as to what happened in the last 12 episodes I’ve missed. But telling me not to watch a trailer on the Internet would be like telling Antonio Brown NOT to live stream on the Internet. It’s just not going to happen.

So I watched. And boy am I confused as hell!

I will say that I’m glad to see Across The Universe girl is still in it. She always seemed cool. Plus, I like her as an actress. I like her enough to call her by one of the only other movies I’ve seen her in.

Also, Ed Harris, a.k.a. Christof – the man responsible for putting Truman Burbank on television, is still in it and looks more worn than a leather couch in a frat house. Maybe that’s explained in season 2? Or maybe it’s just Ed Harris is really old and I’m just a massive douchebag?

Also, it appears that instead of spending the whole season in a made-up set for Back To The Future III, we’ll be spending this season in the future that the humans of Westworld live in, which is cool, because I preferred Back to the Future II anyway. It appears this is in a futuristic city, one that resembles New York City, Sydney, Australia, or Dover, Delaware. I’ve never been to Dover, Delaware, so that’s just an assumption.

Ok, this shot – which I don’t think is the same city – is clearly a futuristic Los Angeles. You can tell from the U.S. Bank building. Although, this is incredibly unrealistic. Not for the influx of new skyscrapers, but for the lack of smog which I can only assume will get worse in the future.

This is a pretty dope plane. Why don’t we make planes like this now?!

Also, that wasn’t your cue to come at me with realistic and technical answers as to why we don’t build planes like this now, nerdy plane engineers.

Oh snap. Aaron Paul.

This actually makes sense, because I’m sure A.P. is still living that Breaking Bad money life while no longer getting that Breaking Bad paycheck. And from what I heard, the Breaking Bad movie wasn’t that great, and I watched a season or two of The Path on HULU, and it was good, but it was also on HULU. A.P. needed to get back to the breadmaker of TV. Actually, sorry, it’s not TV. It’s HBO.

Damn, HBO got The Night Fox from Ocean’s Twelve? They’re pulling out all the stops this season. You know how some people were just born to do things? Ken Griffey Jr. was born to hit a baseball. John Lennon was born to write songs. Jimmy Fallon was born to be a youth pastor. Well, Vincent Cassel was born to play bad guys in movies and TV shows. You ever see him in the movie Derailed? Freaking brilliant.

Also, I shoul– hold up. Is that Marshawn Lynch? What the?! Aaron Paul. Vincent Cassel. And BEAST MODE?! HBO, now you’re just flexing.

Did this guy shoot Season 3 of Westworld before joining the Seahawks? What a freaking boss. In case you didn’t know, I LOVE Marshawn Lynch. So you know I LOVE this casting decision.

“I’m just about that acting, boss.”

This was when Across The Universe said “I kill everyone,” before flashing this smirk. Jeeze. Sounds like my ex.

Look, I don’t know how the hell we got from playing fantasy in a futuristic Frontierland to starting a war in the streets of futuristic downtown Los Angeles (and/or Dover – again, I’ve never been there, so I can’t rule it out), but no matter how it all comes together, it still makes more sense than the Fast & Furious saga. Street racers to Department of Homeland Security trying to save the world? Ok. Sure.

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