The Vince Carter’s Dunks On The 20th Anniversary live with His Epic Dunk Contest Win-

Wanna feel old?

Vince Carter’s NBA Dunk Contest victory is a year away from being able to drink with you and your friends at bars. Awesome.

It was 20 years ago today when Vince Carter did the unthinkable.

Everyone likes to say the dunk contest was better when they were growing up, but having seen literally every dunk contest (thanks YouTube), I can honestly say that Vince Carter in 2000 was undoubtedly the best. It was the Sixth Sense, and every other year was M. Knight’s other projects.

This isn’t to take away from Michael Jordan and him dunking from (just past) the free throw line. This isn’t to take away from Dominique Wilkins and anything he did that same year. This isn’t to take away Dee Brown’s “no look” dunk or any of the other dunks that came before or after. This is just to say that Vince Carter went off on February 12th, 2000. New millennium, new champ. When everyone was worried about Y2k, they should’ve been scared of V.C.

I remember watching this live and having to scrape my jaw off the floor after seeing this. And it wasn’t just one dunk. No, it was EVERY. SINGLE. DUNK. The man reverse windmill dunked, he went between the legs, and he dipped the lower half of his arm INSIDE the rim. Maybe I was amazed because at that time me and my buddies would spend hours just trying to “touch net” at our local YMCA, and here Vinsanity was touching net… THROUGH THE DAMN NET! I feel like half of today’s NBA wouldn’t be able to accomplish this if they tried.

Sure, nowadays dunks that he pulled off have become common place, but you have to remember, when Vinsanity busted these out, it was the first we had ever seen it.

Take a 15 minute break from whatever you’re doing and relive just how great that night was. (Even if you’re not a Vince Carter fan, at least watch for Shaq filming the whole thing with his TV-studio-sized camcorder.)

When he broke down the fourth wall and mouthed, “It’s over.” He meant it. Not for the night, but for the rest of the dunk contest. I know Justin Bieber famously told us we should never say never, but there will never be a greater dunk contest than the one V.C. won on this day in 2000.

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