Meet At All 30 MLB Spring Training Caps

New Era dropped the 2020 MLB Spring Training caps recently, and well, if I could describe these hats in one word, it would be: THESETHINGSSUCK!

Seriously, they look really bad. It’s as if at the design meeting New Era said “YES! LET’S DO IT!” to every single idea that was brought up. I mean meshing logos inside of each other? It looks like every team’s secondary logo is pregnant with the team’s primary logo. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they have ANOTHER team logo on the side. Although, that’s probably more of a dog tag than anything, just so you can identify the mangled body on the front.

But hey, at least these hats are super cheap.

I’m sorry, what’s that? *checks notes* The hell?! Nevermind! They’re $42 freaking dollars. Look, I’ve seen Kanye West’s closthing line. I understand that in this day and age it costs a lot of money to look ugly, but this is ridiculous. Are they charging you per logo?!

Get over yourself, New Era.

Anyway, I decided to break down each team’s hat one by one, division by division. I’d say “enjoy!” but THESETHINGSSUCK!

Let’s start with the only hat in the entire bunch that actually isn’t that bad. New Era must’ve felt like sparing our Canadian neighbors to the north.

Why does it look like The Oriole Bird has a bat impaled through his head? Looks more Frankenstein than oriole.

The Rays hats are definitely dressed and ready to go for Easter brunch.

These hats are ugly, sure, but they’ll be even uglier without Mookie Betts in one.

The only thing louder than these hats are Yankees fans. And the banging of Astros trash cans.

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