Win Super BowlWay-Too-Early Odds

The Super Bowl is complete which means there’s no time to dwell on what we just witnessed and it’s time to move on to what’s next. Thanks, Internet culture! So let’s take a look at next year’s Super Bowl. Who will win? We’ve got the wayyyyyyyyyy (that’s 10 y’s) too early odds to win Super Bowl LV.

Let’s take a look!

(via Korked Bats Sportsbook)

Chiefs: somehow 0-to-1

Ravens: 7-to-1

49ers: was 28-to-3, but bumped up to 20-to-10

Saints: 11-to-1 (but when you factor in NFL refs: 1100-to-1)

Patriots (with Tom Brady): 12-to-1

Patriots (without Tom Brady): Frozen Hell-to-1

Steelers: 15-to-1

Packers: 18-to-1

Cowboys: Mike McCarthy’s suit size-to-1

Seahawks: 22-1

Eagles: 25-1

Rams: Sean McVay’s age-to-1 (their odds get worse every year)

Browns: lol, next

Vikings: 700 A.D.-to-1

Chargers: Number of opposing team fans at Chargers home games-to-1

Raiders: 30-1 (a move to Vegas doesn’t help your odds, Raiders)

Texans: the diameter of Bill O’Brien’s chin dimple-to-1

Titans:whatever Derrick Henry wants it to be“-to-1

Bills: 30-1

Bears: Patrick Mahomes’ QB rating-to-1

Colts: please come back Andrew Luck-to-1

Falcons: please go away Dan Quinn-to-1

Buccaneers: Jameis Winston’s career interceptions-to-1

Cardinals: 60-1

Jets (with Le’Veon Bell): 420-1

Jaguars: 75°-to-1

Broncos: 75-1

Dolphins: Not gonna happen-to-1

Giants: 100-1

Lions: 🙁 to-1

Panthers: the same odds of anyone deciphering Cam Newton’s Instagram captions

Redskins: 3 and 13-to-1

Bengals: won’t even be bowl eligible

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