The Office: 10 Most Annoying Things Angela Did

Angela from The Office is one of the characters who is rather over-the-top. She is definitely one of the meanest, most judgmental Dunder Mifflin employees, and she is also quite uptight and conservative. At the same time, Angela also has many affairs and can be a hypocrite. There are many things about her that are hilarious, but there are also some things she does that are really annoying. Here are the ten most annoying things that Angela ever did.

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10 The homophobia she showed against Oscar

While the judgmental things that Angela does and says are sometimes pretty funny and remind audiences of people they know in real life, she often takes things way too far. The manner in which she judges Oscar for his sexuality and continually makes comments about it is really annoying. She often implies that being gay is gross, and this isn’t just annoying — it’s also an awful thing to do. Luckily, she seems to move past this eventually.

9 When she had a nanny cam for her cats

One of the most hilarious and notable things about Angela is that she is a cat lady. She loves her cats more than practically anything or anyone. While this makes for great laughs on the show, it can also be rather annoying sometimes.

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When she brought a nanny cam to keep an eye on her new cat, it was a funny moment for audiences, but it would definitely have been super obnoxious for her co-workers. Plus, she literally licks her own cats, which is just disturbing.

8 She was always slut-shaming Pam

Many of Angela’s most annoying actions and traits have to do with how she was judgmental and rude to her co-workers. One of the co-workers that she was always judging was Pam. Angela always made comments about Pam’s sex-life and implied she was a slut. This isn’t okay to say about anyone, but it was especially annoying because clearly Pam wasn’t that promiscuous of a person. The fact that sometimes Angela would also want Pam to be her friend was also obnoxious considering how poorly she would treat her.

7 She also made fun of Kevin for his weight

The Office

While looking down on Pam might be one example of Angela being judgmental, it definitely wasn’t the only one. While Angela could have rare moments of being nice, she usually wasn’t. Angela basically judges every one of her co-workers. She could be particularly condescending toward Kevin. While there are some valid reasons to get annoyed at Kevin like when he made inappropriate comments, many of her remarks had to do with his weight. The body-shaming that Angela did was definitely annoying to watch.

6 Not telling Dwight he was really her son’s father

Angela’s relationship with Dwight on The Office was endearing at times and r rather obnoxious at others. They had a roller coaster of a relationship with lots of issues. One of the most annoying things Angela did in the relationship is when she wouldn’t tell Dwight the truth about the fact that he was her son’s father. She kept this information from him, and even straight-up lied to him until her son was already a toddler.

5 Making her and Pam’s pregnancies into a competition

One of the most obnoxious things that Angela ever did happened later on in the series. While her relationship with Pam was often problematic, one specific example of Angela being frustrating is when she compared her pregnancy to Pam’s. She was always talking about how she was smaller than Pam and better at taking care of herself. This was a weird and judgmental thing to do, and it definitely wasn’t any of her business how Pam handled her pregnancy.

4 The continual affairs with Dwight

Angela never seemed to quite know what she wanted when it came to romantic relationships. It was clear that she loved Dwight for many years, but she ended up with Andy and then the Senator anyway.

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Yet even while she told Dwight she couldn’t be with him, she also was having affairs with him almost the entire time she was with other people. The way that she would never just admit her feelings and figure out what she wanted was inconsiderate to everyone involved.

3 She was always bragging about how little she was

The Office

There are few things more annoying than a co-worker that won’t stop talking about how small and skinny they are. Angela was a person who did this constantly, and there’s no denying it would get really annoying as someone working around her. She definitely took pride in being thinner than the other people around her. It was clear she thought she was better than other people because she was short and thin, but bragging about this was just obnoxious.

2 Keeping her relationship with Dwight secret even when he was getting fired

One time that Angela was super frustrating and when it was hard to not get annoyed with her is when she let Dwight get fired. Dwight took important forms to corporate for her, but then he couldn’t admit what he was doing at corporate because Angela wanted to keep their relationship private. There was no real reason why their relationship couldn’t’ have been public, and she let Dwight get fired from the job he loved, which was really selfish.

1 Seemingly caring more about her cats than her child

The fact that Angela loves her pets is admirable, and most people do love their pets. However, Angela could take things too far. She seemed to love her cats more than her own son as evidenced when she got kicked out of her apartment. She seems more distraught about losing her cats than happy that she still had her son. While she did take care of her son, Angela’s attitude about the entire situation was rather weird and annoying.

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