Disney Rank: the 10 Cutest Animal Sidekicks

In Disney animated movies, there is a multitude of adorable animals and other animated creatures. From cats to aliens to inanimate objects, there are many precious looking sidekicks that have been featured in the animated films. While Disney princesses are especially known for having these cute sidekicks, other Disney movies feature them, too. Many of the cutest of these sidekicks are some kind of animal, and they are adored by kids but also by adults in the audience.

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Here are the ten cutest animal sidekicks from Disney animated movies ranked leading up to the cutest of all.

10 Pegasus

Pegasus is a flying mythical horse, and he’s really particularly adorable when he’s a baby. He’s a great sidekick and protector to Hercules, and most people wouldn’t mind having a magical, flying horse. While Pegasus is quite adorable as a baby, he’s only somewhat cute as an adult horse.

He’s still likable, but he just doesn’t have that cute factor like some of the other animals on this list. But, he’s definitely intelligent and useful.

9 Abu

Abu is one of Aladdin’s adorable sidekicks. He is definitely rather small and cute, and his friendship with Aladdin is super endearing. Plus, his relationship with the Magic Carpet is also cute, but Magic Carpet isn’t on this list because it’s an inanimate object, not an animal.

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Having a small, pet monkey that goes around with you everyone and looks out for you is definitely appealing, but this is something that should be left in movies as it’s not great for real-life monkeys.

8 Pascal

Pascal is Rapunzel’s adorable chameleon sidekick, and he’s definitely cute. With big eyes and long tail, this sidekick is able to express quite a lot of emotion through his eyes and body language.

A pet lizard is definitely an endearing sidekick to have, and he’s for sure cute. However, he’s just not quite as adorable as some of the other sidekicks, but he is particularly funny to watch in certain scenes.

7 Stitch

Lilo Stitch Turtle Credits

Stitch is technically an animal, but he’s also an alien and quite intelligent. In Lilo and Stitch, he might start out as being some sort of monster, but he learns to be good and to love and be loved by his found family. Stitch might have moments where he’s not very pretty to look at, but when he’s in his dog-like form, he’s odd-looking while also adorable in a way that makes him seem particularly precious.

Plus, he would be a great sidekick to have and take on small adventures. And, he has quite the soft side underneath the tough exterior.

6 Figaro

Figrao is an animal sidekick from a Disney movie that most people probably don’t think about or remember. He is a small kitten that is featured in Pinocchio.

There are few things cuter than a little kitten with black and white fur. He’s also a rather mischievous pet who spends his time trying to catch the goldfish, Cleo. While a cat might not be the most exciting of sidekicks, it’s hard not to find this small thing cute.

5 Lucky and the other Dalmatian puppies

There are so many Disney dogs that it’s hard to pick which is the cutest. This list could easily be filled up with just cute dogs, but this wouldn’t be fair to all the other animal varieties. But, of all the Disney dogs, Lucky and the other dalmatian puppies such as Penny, Pepper, Patch, and Roly are some of the cutest.

They are all small with the typical Dalmatian coat. Plus, the fact that these puppies are being hunted for their coats makes audiences find them cuter as they feel a natural instinct to protect them.

4 Pua

pua heihei moana

Of all the Disney sidekicks that deserved more screen time, Pua is the one who deserves it the most. While in promotions and ads for Moana, it seemed like the tiny piglet Pua was going to be her main pet.

However, it actually turned out to be the chicken HeiHei. While HeiHei has some cuteness, he’s not nearly as adorable as Pua. While really only featured at the start of the movie, Pua is ridiculously precious.

3 Meeko and Flit

While some of the more recent Disney sidekicks might be super cute, some from the classic movies are just as much if not cuter. Meeko and Flit are sort of a two-for-one deal because their interactions are adorable.

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They make quite the pair as they get up to trouble. Meeko is a sweet little raccoon while Flit is a beautiful hummingbird. Pocahontas is definitely full of cute animals as the pug, Percy, is also really cute.

2 Flounder

Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Flounder is another one of the classic Disney princess sidekicks that audiences have loved for decades now. While a fish might not be thought about as the sweetest and endearing animal, the way Flounder is animated makes him particularly cute.

His blue and yellow body along with tiny fins make him cute, but his personality also helps a lot. He can communicate with Ariel and makes a great friend. While the outward appearance is part of what makes an animated creature cute, they personally can also help a lot.

1 Bruni

Frozen 2 - Elsa and Bruni

Bruni might be a bit of a controversial pick, but he is ridiculously adorable. He’s a really recent addition to the Disney canon as he was featured in Frozen 2.

While there are other sidekicks in the movie such as Olaf and Sven, Burni is by far the cutest. Olaf can be annoying and Sven is endearing but not particularly cute. Bruni, on the other hand, was clearly animated to appeal to that cute factor with big eyes and a silly face. Also, his powers as the fire spirit along with his mischievous, good heart make him really likable, and his love of Elsa and her ice magic is fun to watch.

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