Reno family now in America’s Funniest Home Videos

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) What began as a simple trip to the dentist, has turned into a shot at $10,000 for a Reno family.

“It’s still hard to believe,” admitted Margo Mee. “It’s very surreal.”

Her daughter, Baylee, was still under the influence of sedatives after she had her wisdom teeth taken out back in April. And her son tagged along for the trip.

“He wanted to just torture his sister,” added Mee. “So he went along, and his plan the entire time was to just tape her hoping to get something good.”

They got something so good, it was sent into America’s Funniest Home Videos.

“I always knew it was a pretty funny video when I watched it,” said Baylee Mee. “I was like okay, that’s going to get some laughs. But I never thought it was going to go this far.”

Their video is one of three finalists for this weekend’s AFV show on ABC.

“We were just in awe,” said Margo Mee. “It’s like, how crazy is that?”

The video shows Baylee becoming upset, thinking that her mother had removed her tongue. When in reality, it was just gauze.

“She just couldn’t comprehend that I didn’t take her tongue,” added Margo.

Baylee was embarrassed hen she first saw the video, and really didn’t want others to see it. Now millions across the country will be able to watch it from their own homes.

“You know what, it’s whatever,” said Baylee. “It’s funny.”

If they win the $10,000 prize, they’ll use that money to help pay for Baylee’s college education.

You can watch the episode this weekend. It airs on Sunday night, January 5, at 7pm right here on KOLO 8 News Now.

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